JBF will be with you forever as a family health protector.

CEO's Greetings

ENA Active Mineral Technology Excellence and InnovationENA

Life Extension Program

We proved our conviction
through various experiments.

Not everyone can make it.
Are you eating unverified products with low absorption?

Since 1984, four SCI-class international journals, five international patents (USA, Japan, China, Mexico, Philippines), and 10 Korean patents (improvement of osteoporosis, liver function, and organic alkali) have been established as the center of healthcare in the era of the 4th industrial revolution.

It is an improvement aid for people suffering from health nightmares around the world due to current and future diseases. There are many cases such as hospitals, pharmacies, and agencies, and their effects have been proven.

As the world's first company with good absorption and excellent eating mineral manufacturing technology, it leads the health revolution.

We supply ENA active minerals to many companies, research institutes, hospitals, and universities, and cooperate in the development and production of new materials.
We want to continue to provide the best active mineral technology to our customers around the world.

the world's only natural active mineral production technology