It is filled with 100% minerals extracted from natural raw materials in a healthy way.

For healthy food
‘Farming minerals.’

Take care of your health with JBF minerals

The soil lacks minerals.

Fruits and vegetables grown by modern farming have grown larger and better in appearance, but have lost minerals.
This is because pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers have acidified the soil, and minerals in the soil have been steadily swept into the sea as rain has caused soil erosion. Crops grown in good, uncontaminated soil contain enough nutrients and minerals, while crops grown there are bound to be damaged when the soil is depleted and contaminated.
For example, in 1952, you have to eat 19 layers of iron that you can take from a single layer of spinach in 1993.
This means that no matter how much you eat, its nutritional value is not as good as it used to be.

So, JBF is harmless even if you eat it yourself
I used organic minerals for farming

We've had incredible results
from our experience.

All crops that have used minerals are resistant to insects, and they promote plant growth
The growth period has been extended. The unique taste of the plant comes alive, and the fruit is not only high in sugar
The yield has also increased.

Purpose of Agricultural Minerals

  • Strengthening pest resistance
  • Promoting growth and prolonging the growth period of plants
  • The unique taste of plants survives
  • Fruit temperature sugar content increased
  • an increase in yield

Characteristics by crop

  • Strawberry

    It hardens the meat and increases the taste. (Sweetness, texture)
    ‘It's maintained the same taste as December and February in April’
    ‘It increases the storage capacity’
    ‘It's stronger against gray mold than when you don’

  • Melon

    ‘Increase in sugar content (improvement of more than 3 Briggs compared to normal crops)’
    ‘Increase in sugar content (improvement of more than 3 Briggs compared to normal crops)’
    ‘Disease resistance: It is effective for systolic disease, fungal disease, and root rot disease’

  • Watermelon

    ‘It increases continuous dysfunction, sugar content, and is resistant to flood damage’
    ‘It increases the texture and has a strong effect on root roots’

  • Deodeok

    ‘It's excellent at promoting the adhesion of the roots’
    ‘The storage is superior to normal cultivation’

  • Chili

    ‘It's highly resistant to red pepper, such as anthrax’
    ‘You can slow down aging and harvest a lot’

  • Grape

    ‘The grape leaves are fresh and the color is dark’
    ‘It's resistant to disease, so the growth is fresh’
    ‘It's shortened and has high sugar content’

A natural sweetness
that is not artificial

There's no disruption to the crops and the crops are crunchy!
It's more storage and it's possible without a break!
It's more storage and it's possible without a break!