It is filled with 100% minerals extracted from natural raw materials in a healthy way.

ENA Active Mineral
made by ENA BIO technology.

Safe and innovative technology that maximizes utilization in biological bodies.

ENA Acti-Mineral a
1000ml × 12 EA

ENA Acti-Mineral a

Permit No. : 241 above Jinju Purpose : mineral, for calcium supplementation

Type of food : beverage base (other) Raw material : Calcium seaweed (red algae, Irish, British), a cuttlefish bone (domestic)

Manufacturer : JBF pH : Strong alkalinity above 12

Properties : Colorless, transparent, No smell Manufacturing conditions : Products without any additives

Organic active minerals

[high absorption, non-toxic, natural materials]

Eat it like this!

Do not drink this product in a undiluted state because it is a concentrated undiluted solution with strong alkaline (pH12) minerals.
It is recommended to dilute 20 to 100ml of recommended daily water with 1 to 2ℓ of water
and share it like drinking tea when the inside is empty.

Essential nutrients
for our bodies ENA Active Minerals A

A highly concentrated cell essence that you eat and apply

1. ENA active minerals smell like the sea. If you're sensitive to taste, I'll tell you how.

2. The ENA active mineral is strong alkali. Eat it diluted with water. Suggest a method in some cases.

3. ENA active minerals must come with "Myong hyeon (healing crisis)."
It's not water. Like COVID-19, each person may have a different degree of "myonghyun (healing crisis)." If you feel "Myung hyeon" (healing crisis), reduce it to half a capacity for 2-3 days, and raise it to its original capacity when it is okay.

4. ENA active minerals can feel the change from day to day by filling in nutrients.

5. ENA active minerals may sink. Shake it and eat it.

6. ENA active minerals can turn white when exposed to air. Shake it and eat it.

7. ENA active minerals may clog up when put into spray. Melt it with vinegar and you can melt it and reuse it again.

Mineral standards

  • The material is special

    It is a richly concentrated
    natural active mineral

  • This product boasts a high absorption rate

    You don't expect water,
    do you?

  • Additive 0%

    No artificial or chemical additives were added

  • Preclinical trials have been completed

    We have completed various clinical br and preclinical experiments