It is filled with 100% minerals extracted from natural raw materials in a healthy way.

You can trust and drink
‘Mineral pure soy milk’

Take care of your health with JBF minerals

JBF Mineral Soybean Milk
100% Organic Domestic Soybean, Patented Mineral Solution
It's real soy milk with only two ingredients.

It's made with patented minerals and patented technology that don't contain any additives.
You can taste the pure taste of beans because you don't even add basic salt.

It's a healthy food, but if you look at soy milk on the market, there are a lot of food additives.
It's time to think about the additives, although they have no choice but to go in to mass-produce and increase the distribution period and cater to the public. Considering the busy lifestyle of modern people, it is a product that makes it easy to replenish the excellent protein of soybeans and essential minerals of modern people as a substitute for meals.

Soy milk, why do you drink it?

In the basic question, you won't be able to answer that you drink the additives in soy milk because they taste good.
Rather than adding foods that are good for our health,
It is important to digest and eat well.

I recommend it to people like this.

For those who are looking for additive-free products, there are no additive-free products on the market, but they are here in JBF.
From children in the baby food stage to the elderly with weak digestive systems, you can enjoy it without any burden.